OctoGamex | Community POAP Giveaway

  1. What NFT collections do you own? & Tag the twitter of those collections (If you have)
  2. Which NFT collection do you want to see listed on OctoGamex when it launches Mainnet? (One choice) & Tag the twitter of that collection.
  3. Give a brief reason as to why you believe the collection you selected will benefit from being listed on OctoGamex.
  • DeFi Kingdoms @DefiKingdoms
  • AxieInfinity @AxieInfinity
  • SandBox @TheSandboxGame
  • Metaverse Miner @MetaverseMiner
  • TinyWorld @tinyworldgamefi
  • AlienWorlds @AlienWorlds
  • MOBOX @MOBOX_Official
  • Crabada @PlayCrabada
  • MetaKeeper @Meta_Keeper
  • Titan Hunters @Titan_Hunters
  • Era7: Game of Truth @Era7_official
  • Faraland @faraland_io
  • Elfin Kingdom @elfinkingdom
  • Mines of Dalarnia @MinesOfDalarnia
  • Star Sharks @StarSharks_SSS



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OCTOGAMEX - NFT Trading Platform

OCTOGAMEX - NFT Trading Platform

The first NFT Trading Platform that united NFT collections of the most popular blockchain games. Mail for cooperation partner@octogamex.com