On Our Radar: August Shipping Stories You Don’t Want to Miss 🐙

Octopi has collected the shipping industry news that you don’t want to miss.

General Shipping News


This month Yildirim Group’s subsidiary Yilport Holding secured the rights to Puerto Bolívar Port in Machala City, Ecuador. In the 50-year concession, Yilport committed to invest USD 750 million for the expansion and modernization of the port.

Shipping Technology News

In a very interesting LinkedIn post, Jordi Masip, Systems Integration Manager at DP World London Gateway, discusses how tools to monitor and measure a system’s health can sometimes be “the great forgotten” in the shipping world. Jordi notes that though TOS monitoring is not an easy task, it is a vital one to make a port function.

In interactive technology news, UCL Energy Institute created an interactive map of global shipping routes. Vox pulls some pretty interesting patterns such as a choke point around Malaysia and Singapore and neat routes through tight spaces like the English Channel.

Whereas Uber disrupted the shipping industry, Jan Wilhelmsson from Eniram wonders what will be the shipping industry’s comparable business disruptive application. The piece in Splash247 discusses the ways digitalization has to go when it comes to shipping and poses unique business challengers to those in the industry.


Hyperloop One Inc. announced a new partnership with DP World to study the viability of using hyperloop technology to unload ocean-container cargo at the Jebel Ali port in Dubai. This is a story to watch as Hyperloop technology faces legal battles before getting their technology up and running.

New Companies Disrupting Shipping

Julian Counihan, Principal at Red Sea Ventures, put together a noteworthy infographic on the supply chain startup landscape. Each company mentioned fell into the category of technology-enabled, software infrastructure or automation infrastructure. The piece notes that the supply chain market encompasses more than 1 trillion dollars, so it’s a different but incredibly exciting industry for startups.

If you’re interested in new innovative companies disrupting the shipping landscape, our latest blog lists 5 companies that you’ll want to know about. Each is making a unique mark on the shipping industry and is sure to make some waves in the future.

We would also like to thank Nancy Dahlberg for beautifully telling our story this month in the Miami Herald. Be sure to check back in next month for all the shipping news you need to know about.

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