The Little Dog That Could

Photo Credit: Pixabay

I sat on the cold pavement looking at the bright blue autumn sky. I wriggled my stubby legs to get myself comfortable and warm.

Big Bro will find me, I know he will!

It was our first trip out together as brothers, Big Bro and I out to conquer Chew York City all by ourselves! He always wanted to become a professional investment barker, he said, and now he finally has the chance!

He’ll work super hard in his job and before you know it — we’ll be rolling in doggie treats! Ah, what a fun thing to imagine!

But I lost him today — or well, maybe he lost me?

…did you know that there are a ton of other dogs in Chew York City?

Big dogs, little dogs, fast dogs, slow dogs. Some of them are pretty friendly, we’d play fetch together and chase each other’s tails.

But some dogs were mean and would bark at small dogs like me — rude! It was because I was fluffy, and Big Bro said that they were jealous of that.

Well, they should stuff my fur up their haughty hunting noses! See how they like that!

I was starting to get impatient. Thinking about Big Bro makes me miss him more, but where did he go?

I stood up trying to look around — ooh, why did I have to get distracted with the juicy meat at this shop…

My tummy rumbled in reply. I looked at the meat shop again and pawed at their window, hoping for some sympathy. (Big Bro said that I was pretty good at that.)

A large round man noticed my anxious tapping and came outside. Was he going to give me some of his meaty treats? I wagged my tail eagerly.

“STEP AWAY FROM MY MEATS, YA PEST!” hollered the man, frantically waving a rolled up newspaper at me.

Before I was able to react, his newspaper hit my side hard, causing me to yelp in pain and surprise. I was scared that he was going to hit me some more, so I ran.

I ran as fast as my stubby legs could carry me.

Big Bro, I’m so scared of this place…

I didn’t know where I was heading — but I suddenly heard a lot of honking and blaring. There were a lot of frightened looks and rolling wheels — tons of wheels! The kind that I’d chase on a lazy summer day.

It was then that I heard a familiar voice.


Big Bro! It’s him! You found me, Big Bro!

I quickly bolted in the direction of the voice. I’ll finally see Big Bro again!

Then suddenly, a large sweeping force took hold of me. I couldn’t breathe, and everything started getting fuzzy.

Big Bro?

I felt another force hit me, and another — but I couldn’t feel any more after that. Everything was quiet now. I don’t think I could remember where Big Bro’s voice went.

…I lost Big Brother again, didn’t I?

“Silly ol’ pup,” Big Bro used to say. “Always getting himself into trouble.”

Ah, I suppose I am a silly one. Big Bro found me after all. I just couldn’t find him.

But maybe if I sit here, like a good ol’ pup, Big Bro will find me again. He’ll find me and we can explore the rest of Chew York City…together.