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Just A Kiss?

~ From the Owl ~

Photo by JR Korpa on Unsplash

A kiss can be so much more to we, the lucky, to have had our knees weakened from the lips of lovers.

Sometimes, though, a kiss is even bigger than that. Sometimes a kiss (or a few) can actually transport, defy physics, subjugate reason, embody dreams alive.

Such has been the case every time The Octopus and I have smooched in the unhallowed halls of injustice.

Recently, though, I realized that we have now taken our lip locks to another level entirely. The word kiss can no longer describe what we share when we have those fleeting chances. In mere seconds, we bare souls and share an eternity.

This sounds entirely cheesy, but even this lifelong romantic and, I must admit, quite adept smoocher, had no idea a kiss could contain all this.

This past weekend, we had a particularly petty officer overseeing the room, so we had only about ten seconds to kiss goodbye. We lost ourselves in that moment and said goodbye to this earth of too much gravity.

Three days later, I get light headed every time I think back to it.

~ Originally Written October 29, 2018 ~

scatter we time’s ashes

sifted with stardust

across galaxies

as we sight see

on our instant comet ride

bareback cosmic cowboys

riding partners


just, this cannot be

by tradition’s measures

a brief moment

yet in it can I

feel the future

understand all past

die today satisfied

and live forever


a word sufficeth not

no sound, no symbol

could encapsulate

this power of everything

and taste of…