Talia, I’m sorry there are so many unsupportive garbage-person comments on your post.
Rebecca Searles

You can start by sending her money so she can continue to live the life she deserves, for one. The bay area is not cheap, so let’s make sure she has a roof over her head.

Creatives, such as myself, require solitude to rejuvenate, so let’s make certain she doesn’t have to bunk with a bunch of roommates. I don’t have a problem with other people doing it, but I’m well past it.

Since she’s been fired for speaking out against the disservice of Yelp, perhaps we can help her find a job.

She wasn’t a good fit for customer service, and her years of education should double as industry experience, so I’m thinking something that can net her $80k+. I know some people at Google, so I’ll make a few calls. I’m sure I can sneak her up the waiting list. Especially with all the support she’s getting.

Since food banks are kinda grungy, can we put together a community basket of sorts? Canned foods, dried cereals etc.. I think I read somewhere that Talia is Vegan as well. So no milk or eggs etc.. they’ll just be put to waste.

What Talia needs now is respite from all the haters. She is the example of millennial prejudice that is plaguing the workforce.

Let’s all chip in and make her dreams come true, THIS IS WHAT THE INTERNET IS FOR PEOPLE!



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