Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: December 2015 Check-In
The Billfold

I achieved my short term goal of paying off my Chase Slate credit card before the 0% interest period was up! 2 months ahead of schedule.

My long term goals are 1: get my credit card utilization down to under 30% (currently around 32%) and 2: pay off all credit card debt (note: I am only carrying a balance on 0% interest cards, but it’s still stressful) in the next 2 years. Combined credit card debt (Citi, Lowes, some furniture, and $400 on a Visa): $9,025.

September balance Chase Slate (0% interest until Feb 2016): $1,675, October balance: $1,500, November balance: $750, December balance: $0 !!!!!!!

Next up: Lowes card (0% interest until June, 2016). Starting balance: $2,400, January balance: $1,900. Plan is to pay $300/month with an extra $100 in June.