Ironhack Prework: Citymapper & It’s Efficiency for the US_Challenge 1

1. Understanding a Citymapper’s Concerns

The United States is a country predominantly founded on owning a car. Although in recent times, the use of electric scooters, further introduction of Electric Vehicles, metros and buses are becoming bigger and more important- personally owned cars still dwarf these transit options. The problem becomes how can a citymapper use the app without having personal vehicle concerns?

2. Identifying and Defining Problems

Key problems are as followed:

3. Potential Solutions

While thinking of solutions that can help immediately, one idea arises: when you select your option for transportation, why not use a QR code? QR codes have proven to be easy to scan, adjustable based on what they are needed and conveniently available off the touch of a few buttons. Additionally, if an all-inclusive QR code is not available, having profiles that can be loaded for each system, transit options, is essential to pay and cover costs when in need of transportation.

4. Create a Prototype

Although the prototype looked at solving many of these solutions, the tope of the page shows what is current the next line under would be the implementation of a QR code. The following line shows a thorough ETA for traveling and intaking potential traffic and stops and lastly the end of travel notifications (CO2 saved, Calorie burned and money saved).

Click Here to view the unhighlighted prototype and information in Figma.

5. Testing & Feedback

Upon showing the steps to the interviewees, a similar conclusion was reached. An inclusive, central QR code would ease the need to pay and lessen the amount of cards, apps and other essential items to schedule and pay for transportation. Further details are needed for thorough implementation of a QR code on Citymapper as some cities in the US have too many transit options.



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