The Thing About Writing Fandom Essays On Medium — and Social Media in General
Riley H

Riley, Loved your column. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

From your essay I cannot help thinking that the white women you are/aren’t associating with are none too “nice”. We can argue the word nice or Nice but who ARE these people? “What is happening with our children these days?!”, it makes me wonder about your white female cohorts, if what you say is true.

Can you show specific instances from the present, of the tragic and brutally sad Emmet Till type of white women’s racism? We have to know about it so we can correct it.

I was beat up at the behest of a black man and stalked by him as a child. (before stalking was a PC word), and put in the hospital unconscious but our not very litigious family did not sue as my dad saw that young teen's own very real suffering, that he would have felt okay to do that.

Please do not generalize that Trumpist vote, which I deplore, to all white women. I apologize for my ethics-blind white sisters who voted for Trump. The burning question: “What can white women do positively to help you, now and to make suitable reparations?” You might not even know but still many of us want to help.

You have friends and admirers. Many black women and black male scholars, radical Buddhists like Cambridge MA’s IMC’s Lama Rod Owens who wrote ‘Radical Dharma’ with the Reverend Angel Kyodo, Tressie McCotton, Roxane Gay, NY Times’s Charles Blow and many more have many white friends and admirers. I agree that there is no need to reply to us if you do not feel right doing so. We pray for you daily and protest.

We salute your speech. Everybody needs to know what is going on.