Taking a Scientific Approach to Happiness

I’ve been thinking. Am I happy with my life?

Well, yes and no. I have a good job, but not a career. I have a social life, but not as good as I’d like. My health is fine, but I’m not taking any steps to preserve it.

My hobbies mainly consist of watching shows I’ve already seen on Netflix, and checking my e-mail a lot. And as far as any sort of spiritualism or higher purpose to my life, there’s nothing.

I would describe my current life as, “Meh”. And I’d like to change that.


I believe that there is ample opportunity to change things, so what’s the problem? My actions. I don’t take actions to change things. Why is that?

I believe that it’s lack of knowledge. I don’t know what actions to take, or I don’t know how to motivate myself to take those actions. I need more knowledge to begin improving things.

How do I acquire that knowledge? There are three options.

The first option is books, and this has been a fruitful source of knowledge… when I actually bother to read books. How do I read books continuously? I believe the answer is to join a book club, or form one.

The second option is to find a mentor. How? Again, I believe social clubs are the answer to this.

The third option is a lot harder, and a lot more interesting. I can run experiments, using the scientific method. Hypothesize that something will make me happier, try it, observe the results, and come to conclusions.

So, that’s what I’m looking at. I’m working on a plan, but my objective for now is to start acquiring more information as fast as possible, so that I can start building a coherent plan of action to create a more satisfying life.

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