It’s 2017 and Mental Health is still an issue in the workplace.

This is highly impactful in my life right now. “Let me tell ya”, To be marginalized in our society is neither easy nor fun. I would also concede — being at “peak performance” is an illusion considering many individuals in organizations have no idea what that truly involves. Retrospectively, I have read many books, articles, & done much research in the area of life with respect to Human Factors. Again, it would behoove most individuals to know — they have been duped, in a manner of speaking. We as individuals must educate and make ourselves openly aware the realities associated with living a well-balanced and meaningful life. Incorporating the assistance and help of those qualified/licensed is definitely a healthy starting point (e.g counselors, therapists, clergy, trusted confidants, meditation, etc.) To try and exist in a “vacuum” or isolation is never a healthy solution without a comprehensive understanding.

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