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To be clear, I don’t want the labels at the start of the articles, but as a disclaimer at the end. I know that jokes die when you disclaim them first, but you still tell your friend “April Fools” after you say “Congress declared war on South Africa”. While the previous statement is false, it is believable enough that a small percentage of people will take it seriously.

There is also the factor of people sharing information vocally. I first heard of the leak from a friend who believed it to be true. I didn't even read the chronicle then. It is easier to get confused when a trusted friend makes the mistake and tells everyone that footage has been leaked.

I just want to see some clarification at the end of the articles so that new readers (like me) don’t get confused by the Mammoth. I appreciate humour, but I would prefer if a disclaimer was added at the end of articles. This would just to be sure that everyone thinks the articles are satire.