Call for a Facebook Users Strike

With every click, share, post, or follow, you give Facebook valuable information that the company uses to make predictions about what you, and people like you, will think, feel, or do. These predictions are then sold to other companies who seek to influence you in some way through messaging or advertisements.

Odd Bert
Odd Bert
Mar 31, 2018 · 2 min read

Users power Facebook, yet Facebook has full power over its users.

  • Facebook knows how much you use the website, but does not share this information with you out of fear it will reduce the amount of time you spend giving it data.
  • Facebook knows how much it makes selling your data to other companies, but does not share this information with you out of fear that you will ask for your fair share.
  • Facebook employs thousands of programmers and researchers who test new versions of the website that collect more data about you, but will not inform users about these experiments or tests.

The goal of this strike is to organize the collective action necessary to give users meaningful control over our data.

Specifically, we demand Facebook…

  1. Provide users the option of deleting their past Facebook posts, likes, comments, and shares in bulk (rather than individually, a process that is too time consuming to be practical for users.)
  2. Provide users the ability to confirm that deleting Facebook posts, profiles, and also deletes any information that Facebook has learned about the user based on these posts.
  3. Provide users with information needed to be informed consumers of the product. At a minimum, Facebook should tell users (a) how long users have spent using Facebook (total and per-day) across all devices, (b) the specific companies that have purchased a user’s data, (c) the specific applications or third-parties that have purchased user data from Facebook, and (d) the specific applications or third-parties from which Facebook has purchased data.
  4. Provide users a vote in decisions regarding data organization, storage, and distribution. (No data collection without representation.)

If these changes are not made, users should deactivate or delete their accounts to protest unjust business practices.

Comment with other changes you would like to see Facebook make as part of this platform.

Join the strike : Like, Follow, and Share the Internet Users Union (on Facebook)