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Oddiyana Ventures is an investment firm exploring & investing in early stage blockchain projects which are reshaping the way modern technologies work and function. We consider funding projects in Defi, NFT, web3 applications, metaverse, gaming, and unstoppable finance. As the technology is still evolving, we closely monitor the overall movement of the blockchain space and strategically update our investment plans for any new developments over time.

We provide practical advice and guidance to new projects from their initial stage of inception till the project matures enough to maneuver on its own. With the gradual integration of blockchain technology in our day-to-day life, we support the innovations & ideas of aspiring blockchain entrepreneurs. Our team has vast in-depth experiences in the blockchain industry and possesses expertise in digital marketing, fundraising, project management, and expanding project networks.

With our involvement in more than 20+ blockchain projects since 2017, we have extensive investment relationships, networks/resources and project incubation experiences at an international level that puts us in a unique place to cater to the needs of startup projects. Our connections and networks in the blockchain industry provide strategic drive and progressive growth for the startup to succeed. We share our experiences to achieve the goals of the project much earlier & faster.

Oddiyana Ventures believes in funding blockchain technologies that will drive the future protocol-based economy, providing full liberty in controlling and accessing our assets & data. We diversify our portfolio and engage in various projects to connect the dots within our portfolio. We like to work with robust & capable teams who bring in breakthrough innovations. We invest in projects which are not only limited to being decentralized, secure & scalable but also projects which embrace creativity, privacy and have real-world use cases with user-friendly applications capable of adding value to the current system.

We grow with you, providing you the runway for a smooth takeoff

We fund the early seed stage startup, accelerate and connect to our wealth of VC networks forming strategic partnerships

We connect to the right network for the maximum exposure for the project

We consult and connect with our wealth of networks and resources to support the projects in all the stage of the project live

Reach us at: info@oddiyana.ventures

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Early-stage supporter - a futuristic blockchain investment firm bridging innovative blockchain projects