Homeschooling Looks Like — Making a Pirate Map

Originally published on Instagram
oddmomjess — Ema read a book about pirates this morning and then made a treasure map. Matt and Ali are on the hunt for her hidden goods now. #Unschooling

Give a kid some books about types of boats and pirates in the morning and by noon and they are gathering supplies to make their own pirate map.

This is the beauty of working with an unschool(ish) philosophy in your homeschool. You get your kids to the point where they are capable of seeking out information on their own. You get them to the point where they are excited to learn and try new things because they have the freedom to, not because they have been told to.

This particular map was made with basic copy paper, crumpled and then she got it wet. It got a good smear of used black tea grounds and left to dry.

My daughter then set out, about 150 ft from our front door to bury a bag of change and then her siblings set out, with the map in hand, to find the treasure. In true pirate map form, they had to rely on landmarks to find their loot and they had a blast doing it.

I can’t wait to see what these kids will be inspired to do next.