How Do You Plan for an Uncertain Future?

My son is scared to grow up and I’m terrified for him.

He’s on the Autism spectrum and at this point in his life he’s figured out his weaknesses. He’s legitimately scared of what his future holds. I’ve held him as he cried for hours while I reassured him that I will not kick him out at 18; he doesn’t have to take on life all out once, we will get there when he’s ready.

He’s afraid he won’t understand how to manage his money or pay a bill. No matter how hard he’s tried he can’t master the basics of math.

He’s afraid he will live off microwaved canned meals because cooking makes him really anxious.

He’s afraid to be alone.

I sat down this morning to start brainstorming what we cover in his upcoming 8th grade homeschool year. His fears rushed over me.

What are his high school years going to look like?

How am I going to prepare him enough without pushing too hard?

How can I convince the world around us that he is perfectly capable of that independent life he is so afraid of; we just need to go at his own pace.

I fought back my tears all morning, because Autism is hard. I had to remind myself that even though he downplays his interest and locks up at the mere mention of some sort of career, he will find something he wants to do one day.

I have to get the picture of planning high school with the hopes of college in my head and remember to just plan year by year, month by month, and day by day.

Futures may not always be certain but I’m going to try my damnedest to not let his terrify me anymore and find a way that we can both be happy and focus on the present.