My Disappointment in the Women of WWE
Odd Mom Jess

Raw Built Them Up and Smackdown Knocked Them Down

Come On WWE, You Got My Hopes Up!

Like many others, I tuned into to see the new era of WWE after the brand split, curious what changes the draft and new story lines would bring.

Hands down, the Charlotte versus Sasha Banks match for the women’s title was the best match of the night.

I was sure I was going to have come back here wave the white flag and admit defeat in my distaste of the current women’s roster.

They wrestled, the leaped from the top ropes and they did it all with the attention focused squarely on their athleticism, rather than amount of skin the could sneak out while still qualifying as PG.

The match should have been the main event for the night.

Then Smackdown happened and I’m left with my original thoughts.

Come on WWE, you can do better than this, you’ve shown us that.