Serious Eats My Inner Child Isn’t Happy

I was happily scrolling through my Medium feed this morning when I came across this new story on your publication.

I’m not a breakfast person and rarely find myself hungry until about 10 am. I couldn’t wait to click and read though. Peanut butter, jelly…cookies…the words called out to me and I quickly thought of a way to justify to my kids why I would be making them for breakfast.

After all, I am the mean mom that limits sweets, you know.

Then it happened. I was greeted with this message.

What, how can this be? You won’t let me see the recipe unless I am a member, but you won’t let me become a member.

I’m keeping my cool, because I’ve learned with the kids that one tantrum always leads to a domino effect throughout the house. Know this though, inside, my inner child is throwing a tantrum of Veruca Salt proportions!

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