A cleaner Oddshot is a better Oddshot

Over the past few years we have made changes to the tools we provide to better accommodate more than just live-gaming content on our platform. Since then, our shot count has risen into millions in just ONE year (3,312,281 to be precise).

Today we are happy to announce a much cleaner design — now it is much easier to discover new content & follow your favorite content creators.

We have made big changes to the front page to be more like a hybrid between the last two Oddshot designs (a mixture between the best performing shots & a human curated…

More ways to capture content so you never miss a moment.

With the rise of demand for VOD content on Oddshot, we were working on more ways to capture non-live video using our plugin so you NEVER miss a moment. The newest update allows you to capture .mp4 video on any site you are browsing. You can take a shot by clicking on ‘Take shot’ button in the top left of the player and save it as you normally would.

Here you can see the MP4 capture in all of its glory:

.mp4 capture ‘take shot’ button demonstrated from flickr video

After seeing a large increase of ‘IRL’ live video content on our platform since the release of Twitch IRL…

New ways to post video content to Oddshot.tv

Today, we released the ability for users to upload content to Oddshot!

Uploading to Oddshot is extremely simple. On the homepage, you will now notice a new upload icon in the top right of the page (next to Login or your User Profile). Go give it a try!

Uploaded shots have a maximum length of 60 seconds, keeping to our ethos of keeping content short and digestible. For signed in users, the uploads will appear on the “My Shots” page, as if you had taken a shot.

Users can also upload anonymously. If you’ve uploaded anonymously, you can still claim…

Introducing Oddshot PC capture & Gifs of everything

On our never ending quest to allow anyone to capture a shot of just about anything, we are excited to show you the next piece of the puzzle. Today we are officially releasing Oddshot for PC into open beta. Capture literally anything that’s on your screen, after it happens, and share almost instantly.

Oddshot for PC sits silently in your system tray until you need and when you do, just click a button or use the hotkey to instantly get the last 30 seconds. You can then crop, trim, title and tag. Once you’re happy just hit “Get URL” and…

Oddshot adds tag functionality to videos.

As we continue to explore how Oddshot would work with content that isn’t just gaming, we decided a tagging system would be the best way to go about this. Allowing users to add tags to their videos and search for videos by a specific tag or title makes finding quality content super easy.

This is important as we have recently started supporting capture from anything on Youtube and Twitch. Not only can you capture livestreams, you can now capture highlights from normal videos as well!

We are getting so much cool content from other categories that wasn’t getting shown in…

Now you can use Oddshot to capture from Twitch & YouTube videos!

One of the most requested features since the beginning of Oddshot 2.0 was to add the ability to capture Oddshot highlights from Twitch VODS / past broadcasts. After deciding to add Twitch VODs to Oddshot’s capabilities, we also thought, why not do the same for YouTube?

You can now capture shots from YouTube videos & Twitch videos. This allows you to instantly share highlights from your favorite videos with the world.

Here is an example of a !shot taken from a YouTube video (looks great, doesn’t it!):

Planet Earth 2 — Iguana being chased by snakes

To capture on YouTube…

With our last major update “Oddshot 2.5”, we added much improved filter options, among other things. The “Popular” filter is working really well so we have now added it to your personal Feed as well. The Feed shows you all the best moments from Games and Streamers you follow every day. You do, however, need to create an Oddshot.tv account to get access to this feature. If you haven’t created an account you can do so here.

Preview of the new Feed with improved filters.

Oddshot 2.5, which launched last week, saw the removal of the ‘VOD’ button which allowed you to be directed to the Twitch VOD…

Introducing Oddshot 2.5

This update marks the beginning of an exciting new phase for Oddshot. A phase in which we take some important steps towards our goal of creating a global video directory for online video based on highlights.

Our 2.0 update four months ago was our first stab at creating a discovery experience. We focused more on video delivery and rebuilding our software architecture to make sure we can ensure consistent quality playback globally. While there’s always room to improve, most of the video playback issues of the early days were fixed in this previous update.

TL:DR Oddshot 2.5 is all about…

Oddshot launches on Facebook live

Facebook is putting livestreaming in the hands of anyone with their mobile app. This is very exciting, but finding great streamers is as hard as ever. Allowing the community to capture highlights of these livestreams and share them with the world creates a discovery layer for these livestreams, as well as immortalize all the best moments.

We are happy to announce that Oddshot now supports Facebook Live. Anyone with the Oddshot plugin installed can capture a highlight of anything on Facebook Live, after it happens.

Here is an example of an Oddshot that has been taken from a Facebook live…

Oddshot Android application now available on the Google Play Store.

A couple of months ago we introduced the first official native Oddshot app for iOS phones (read more). We are proud to announce that the Android counterpart is now ready for the world! You can now download it from the Google Play store.

Want to download Oddshot for Android?

You are able to log into your Oddshot.tv account, giving you access to your personalized feed — with all the best !shots from your favorite games and streamers that you are following.

We look forward to providing more awesome updates to enhance your Oddshot user experience. If you have ideas of how we can improve Oddshot, or just some general feedback, feel free to mail us at info@oddshot.tv.


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