Leonardo da Vinci, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk walk into a bar

Story about lost motivation,struggle and getting back on track

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. The thought of taking my own idea and turning it into a reality always excited me. I admire Leonardo da Vinci, a man whose diverse knowledge of the world, and his amazing creativity created inventions the world is still admiring to this date with awe. But I’m sure Leo didn’t care about this admiration and fame. He simply did this because he loved building stuff. Taking his crazy ideas and turning them into a reality.

I don’t see much difference between Leonardo da Vinci, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk or actually every person who wakes up one morning and decides to build a new mobile app. The inner drive to build something that has never been built before is enough to be in the same club as Leonardo.

This crazy drive is what binds us together as entrepreneurs, but maintaining this drive isn’t easy. At age 18 I was recruited to the Israeli military as most people my age. Even though I was fortunate enough to serve in an a highly technological unit, serving in the military is far from working at a startup or actually at every tech company out there.

Me on the left, 19 year old at the time. Seems so far from now.

I’ve served 3 years in my unit. I did try to build stuff, but it wasn’t easy. I didn’t get the support from the system, and my drive to build had started to fade out slowly. When I finished my service I was still very much into technology, but the drive to create wasn’t completely there, and it was kinda scary. I thought that I will finish my service and suddenly find myself working on the next big idea that will change the world. But the ideas didn’t really come and the energy wasn’t there.

I knew that somewhere inside me the energy to build was still there. I wasn’t sure what to do so I just started coding stuff for the heck of it. I learned Swift and built my first ios app after a month. I continued to learn and built another app three months later. today, one year later, I’m the CTO of a startup I co-founded that I’m really excited about. Without even consciously realizing that the fire got back in me in full throttle.

I think the lesson here is that whenever you feel unmotivated, whenever you feel like you lost that drive, whenever you think you ain’t got that energy. Take a step back. Chill. Build a side project just for fun. Learn something new. And then it will get back to you. You are in this not for profit or admiration, you are in this because you love what you are doing.

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