This is what happens when we stop paying for quality journalism
Asha Dornfest

I don’t think it is fair to say that Trump supporters are living in a bubble. I know a lot of very highly informed people that are Trump supporters. Their bubble consists of being tired of the Washington mentality that the politicians always know what is best. They are the ones living in a bubble and have no idea what a great number of US citizens are going through. At least Trump made himself available to those people and listened. We are tired of politics as usual and are therefore ready for someone not connected to Washington DC in any way that previous politicians are connected. Clean out the swamp. Make America Great Again. How does that put Trump followers in a bubble. If you ask me anyone voting any other way is living in a bubble. Sure, Secretary of State Clinton has some great experience especially in foreign affairs. But she has no idea what most people in her on country are in need of. God Bless America!!!

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