Austin led the way with two champions while teams from Dallas, San Antonio, Wichita Falls and The Woodlands all earned a trip to the National Championships for Leagues.

Men’s 5.0 Champions — Dallas


Dallas won the 5.0 men’s sectional title by defeating Fort Worth 2–1 on Sunday, August 7 at Brookhaven Country Club in Dallas. The team went undefeated in team matches over the weekend leading up to the final, going 3–0 before Sunday’s championship.

Dallas is captained by Thomas Bartzen and consists of players Cameron Nash, Aaron Barrick, Steven Williams, Larry Pascal, Timmy Allin, Raul Morant, Sascha Kiehne, Byron Talbot, Erick Delafuente, Brett Ryan, Michael Nott, Alejandro Gonzalez, Ryan Haley, Stuart Keplar and Ignacio Hirigoyen. The team plays out of T. Bar M. Racquet Club in Dallas and will head to the National Championships in Mobile, Alabama from September 23–25.

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Ladies 5.0 Champions — Austin

Austin came out victorius in the Ladies 5.0 sectionals, going 3–0 in their flight to advance to the National Championships at the Copeland-Cox Tennis Center in Mobile, Alabama.

Austin is captained by Colleen Dial and comprised of players Wendy Graham, Theresa Torelli, Cori Pool, Ashley Wernli, Alexandra Khadzhyan, Joanna Suskic, Jordan McCombs, Kristen Guszak, Nicole Duncum, Sarah Bolin and Laura Hudson. The team plays out of Pharr Tennis Center.

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Men’s 4.5 Champions — Austin

Austin won the Men’s 4.5 sectionals title 3–2 over Wild Dallas on Sunday, August 7 at T. Bar. M. Racquet Club in Dallas. Austin went 3–0 in its flight before winning 3–2 in the semifinals over SETX to advance to the finals against Wild Dallas.

Austin is captained by Gentry Sparling and players include Michael Friedman, Oscar Jackson, Tim Klitch, Clay Johnson, Greg Rychlik, Enrique Urena, Jeff McMillioan, Rick Shirley, Stephen Creel, Walter Mannino, Leonard Smith, Jay Henton, David Luedtke, Noel Stout, Gilberto Camacho, Jack Cohen, Brendan Brown and Burke Banda. The team plays out of the South Austin Tennis Center and will represent Texas at Rancho Las Palmas Resort in Rancho Mirage, California from October 28–30.

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Ladies 4.5 Champions — San Antonio

San Antonio left Brookhaven Country Club as champions after defeating Midland 3–2 on Sunday, August 7. The team went 4–0 in its flight and had an individual record of 15–5.

San Antonio is captained by Patricia Meritz and Mary Reeder. Their roster consists of Martina Meritz, Holly Hayes, Kimberly Wood, Beth Buford, Kristy Rodriguez, Melora Berardo, Becki Wortham, Bonnie Chumbley, Amanda Bezner, Nancy Almaraz, Melissa Fuller, Ellen Laubhan, Nancy Hunt, Evonne Allerkamp, Trudie Boss, Glare Sanchez, Nadia Sadri and Samantha Travers. The team plays out of the Jewish Community Center in San Antonio and will head to Rancho Las Palmas Resort from October 28–30.

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Men’s 4.0 Champion — NOHO


NOHO earned a thrilling victory at T. Bar. M. Racquet Club on Sunday, August 7, coming back late to win 3–2 over Austin for the 4.0 Men’s Sectional title. The team went 4–0 in its flight and beat Wild Austin 3–2 in the semifinals Sunday morning.

NOHO is captained by Michael Spearman and comprised of Bruce Inting, Darrel Thorson, George Orchard, Carlos Torres, Adam Riggs, James Robinson, Phillip Wills, Andres Lucas, Thomas Porter, Bethuel Gabriel, Jesus Madamba, Leonardo Arenas, Adriano Soria, John Flores, Christopher Herman, Ron Travis, Rodrigo Chiquini, Kenneth Cassady and Jared Alarcon. The team plays out of Sawmill Park and will play at Rancho Las Palmas Resort in Rancho Mirage, California from September 23–25.

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4.0 Women’s Champions — Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls made a late charge, winning the Ladies 4.0 Sectional title 3–2 over Fort Worth. The team went 3–0 in its flight and came back from 2–1 down in the finals to earn a trip to the National Championships.

Wichita Falls is captained by Jennifer Autry and made up of players Mandy Bannon, Leslie Towry, Lauren Sweeney, Tammy Williams, Debbie Mayfield, Alisha Croker, Betsy Clark and Sue Kuempel. The team is independently based and will play at Rancho Las Palmas Resort in Rancho Mirage, California from September 23–25.

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