Who is the real enemy of the people?

These are the dangerous times…

When we cannot be safe in our own motherland

When we cannot have the freedom to associate,

No freedom to build our own temples and conduct our own activities

No freedom to eat our meals or communicate with each other…

We live in a time when the military can conduct a coup every four years

Conduct coups in the name of saving the country only to conduct further oppression

Oppression to its people in the name of Article 44…

How on earth can one person have such powers over everyone and everything else in our land?

These are truly the dangerous times…

Sad is the fact that despite all these, never do we get clear communication from the media

Oppressors have taken over our communication in an attempt to confuse the public

Who really is our enemy at this time of public division?

How long will we sit quiet and let our fellow country-people be oppressed by a minority few?

Our leaders are meant to protect us and respect us, not oppress us from our freedoms and rights

Country-people, it’s time we know who the real enemy is.