While it’s certainly not deserved by every ESL teacher, being a foreign teacher in Korea doesn’t always elicit much respect.

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At the fore, I want to say that I’ve met and worked with some great educators in Korea. Even in a hagwon setting, there are teachers who are smart and interesting people who really care about their students and teach them well. …

The relationship between people and their clothing has fundamentally changed and not for the better

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Modern fashion is all about you and your body. This explains why nearly every magazine has a rotating list of diets, exercises, and aesthetic procedures in their headlines each month. When fashion changes, we don’t just change our clothing. We have to change our bodies.

Plastic surgery has increased 471% since 1997 but many celebrities and public figures support the illusion that their on-trend figures are all-natural and achieved through healthy means. …

Or, the persistence of nostalgia.

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Photo by Ciaran O’Brien on Unsplash

I lived in South Korea for four years. During that time, I traveled throughout the country and was able to travel to other countries between work contracts. A month in France, a week in Hong Kong. Travel was a huge part of my life.

And then my life changed. I moved to the US and for three years, I haven’t set foot on a plane. Finances grew tighter and time off from work was short. Still, visits to Canada and weekends or day trips to various nearby cities offered some of the variety that I craved.

Finally, we started planning to take a trip abroad to stay with some friends in Europe. And then 2020 happened. …


Odessa Denby

Professional writer and editor, former expat. Conscientious lifestyle and relationships, mental health, and the arts. Instagram: des_the_crafty_fox

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