That kind of obsessive nuttiness is obvious to anyone unfortunate enough to stumble upon your…
Jeremy Riddle

Let’s look past the debunked poll and the tome that you wrote that makes you look like a nut for a second.

Her point is you are alienating men of color and all women who voted for Obama and Clinton. The poll isn’t as reliable as the voting booth (also, it’s debunked no really it’s not a good poll), where 94% of black women voted for her. If you think you can do fine without these voters, okay! Continue alienating them. Let’s see how it goes.

The truth is I believe you don’t see these voters as people. You think that they will be forced to support whatever you push forward no matter what. But, alas, buddy, women of color especially aren’t turning backward. So, you’ll lose elections because you’ll lose those voters.

What I see is a group of white guys on the left re-centering the white guy. It looks super familiar and not at all progressive. But you know, continue forward. When we lose these upcoming elections, know your inability to share and work with others was part of the reason.

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