Because why not open with extravagant claims you’re entirely incapable of substantiating, right?
Jeremy Riddle

The poll is bullshit. It offered limited choices and asked the recipients who they “had heard of,” NOT who they liked the most or who they voted for.

It was self-selecting and bad math all the way around.

The problem you’re having is you’re making fake claims. No Democrat is protesting moving more to the left. And as for wealth, Bernie is the wealthy man here. Dems who voted for Clinton make $50,000 and under. We are not the wealthy ones. You’re just using excuses to maintain a male power base because you’re afraid you’re going to be too mediocre and can’t compete. And based on your weak arguments, full of ad hominem and straw men, you’re right. You can’t compete.

And I’M A WOMAN, you sexist. You have no idea.

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