Come edit with us

Looking to gain additional editing experience? Expand into new markets? Consider a pro bono gig with us.

At Content Magazine, we edit for the experience, for the samples, for the love of it. Every other month, this sleek publication hits the bookstores and cafes throughout Silicon Valley and the South Bay, with the latest installment of its exploration of the innovative and creative culture of the region. As a nonprofit, it is largely supported by pro bono work, but while the work is a labor of love, this is no charity. It’s time well spent, with rich return.

That’s a little bit about who we are. Who might you be? Content provides the perfect opportunity for several categories of editors —

  • Novice editors looking to gain experience
  • Experienced editors looking for a change of pace or wanting to augment their portfolios
  • Experienced editors looking specifically to break into the magazine market
  • Experienced editors looking to move from technical, corporate, or other similar domains into content marketing
  • Retired editors wanting to keep a hand in with something fun

Intrigued? Here’s a little more about what’s involved.

Each issue centers around a broad theme (“Dine,” “Connect,” “Style”) and features profiles of people bringing music, the arts, great food, or other cultural (sometimes also social) benefits to the area. Recent issues have profiled the Clever Girls Collective, several key members of Symphony Silicon Valley, a group of young dancers from The New Ballet School, Matt Mahood (president and CEO of the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce), design historian Barry Katz, down-to-earth theater troupe ShakesBEERience, the original founders of Adobe, and skater turned author and philanthropist Kristi Yamaguchi.

In terms of the work, it varies. Some of the writers are quite good; others need more support; still others might find, in the long run, that writing is not their thing after all. As editor, you’d be called upon to intervene only so far as is necessary. For the best writers, we typically do a proofread, perhaps tinkering with the odd sentence that doesn’t quite work. For the rest, the work ranges the gamut: from copyediting to line editing to various degrees of restructuring and revising. Ideally, we’d also be working more closely with the writers most in need of editing, explaining to them — perhaps illustrating with a sample passage — what the issues are, what the potential solutions. Mentoring them, that is. Part of the mission of the magazine is to be a teaching tool, and mentoring writers fits right in with that mission. Currently, there is not time in the edit cycle to hand things back for revision, but we may get to that too one day.

In terms of the overall schedule, the magazine is bimonthly, so we’re one month on, the next off. Two to two and a half weeks for editing, a bit of a break, then a week for proofing. The work is completely remote, done within our timeframe on your own schedule. If you joined us, you’d not be committed for more than the current issue. Some editors prefer to dabble, working an issue or two to get the feel of it, nothing more. Others remain for longer periods, developing more extensive portfolios.

In terms of the numbers, our current goal is a team of editors in each cycle able to edit two to three articles each (typically 700 words, the occasional 1200 words), or possibly a group of five to six short profiles (250 to 300 words each) on a related theme. This need not be the same team each issue, though some carryover and overlap tends to make the process smoother. Work for each new issue begins every other month, typically in the last week of the month.

Content is a print publication, but each issue is now also published on issuu. At the time of this writing, the two most recent issues are 8.2 Sync and 8.3 Show. Most of the past issues are up at this point, but if you’re looking to get a sense of the magazine as it stands today, look no earlier than 6.5. If you’d like to explore joining us, ping me at odile(AT)content-magazine(dot)com.

Check us out. We might be just what you’re looking for, either to jump-start your editing career or to take it in a whole new direction.