About the Law of Attraction “Not Working”…

Odille Remmert
May 14 · 4 min read

In my experience, there are four things that are needed in order to get results from the Law of Attraction. And, up until I discovered them, I had spent a long time doing everything that was advised in order to get results:

You need to spend more time feeling good than feeling bad… A LOT more time.

I believe we’re born with natural self-love that is then conditioned out of us. We’re conditioned to deny that love, and cover it up.

Whatever results you haven’t managed to get yet, you HAVE attracted and created these things!

The “evidence” your subconscious is referring to is data from childhood experiences. Just as you learned how to walk and run, and eat, and talk, you also learned who you are and how the world works.

It’s the “evidence” in the form of childhood memories that provides the contradicting proof.

The earlier you catch it, the EASIER it is to change your state to positive.

The Superpower Course — Isn’t it Time the Law of Attraction Worked for YOU?

Odille Remmert

Written by

Ex-struggler, empowerment coach, writer, brain enthusiast, and effervescent cheerleader of those who choose to find ways to improve themselves and their lives.

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