The Weird Connection Between Unfair Childhood Punishment and Money Problems as an Adult! (A strange, but true, success story)

Odille Remmert
Aug 5, 2019 · 3 min read

I was speaking with someone a few days ago, who couldn’t see how the injustice and punishment he experienced as a child could be affecting his financial patterns as an adult — on a practical level.

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He could see how he had continued to create scenarios of injustice and unfair punishment in his marriage, and in his previous work environment, but not regarding money.

I asked him the following question — and I’m sharing it here, so you can ask yourself the same question, and see if you have a similar connection or pattern…

“Looking back, are there any decisions, regarding money, that you feel you should have made differently? If you were to go back in time right now, are there any financial decisions you would change?”

He said yes, there were many. I asked him for an example, and he shared that he had inherited some money at one point, and going back in time now, he would choose to invest it in property instead of investing it in a business he was so passionate about at the time, but that struggled, and ultimately lost the investment. He realizes now that he could have used the profits from the property investments to start his business — later, but with more financial security.

However, of course, at the time, the decision to start the business seemed like the best one.

Subconscious Links

So, what was happening behind the scenes?

1. The subconscious is, in every moment, referring to the references from childhood experiences that “prove” who we are, how the world works, and what “normal” is (to stay “safe”).

So, in his case — being unfairly punished was the “NORMAL” (and therefore, as far as the subconscious is concerned: SAFE) state to be in.

2. Having MORE money contradicted that state of feeling unfairly punished. So, his subconscious triggered his brain and body to produce chemicals that created feelings and emotions that affected his judgement — creating EXCITEMENT around the option that was the most likely to FAIL.

3. The conscious mind’s job is to make sense of experiences (feelings, sensations, and emotions), so his conscious mind immediately came up with reasons for why making THAT decision would be the best one.

This is just one example, of course, of many, many decisions over the years that perpetuated the “unfair punishment” being expressed financially.

The Solution

The GREAT News is — we are not helpless victims of our past. We all have the ability to change the references that are producing that “normal” state.

Change those childhood references, and the decisions automatically change — because the subconscious is then affecting conscious judgement in a different way — to keep you in alignment with the NEW references that prove you CAN be financially abundant.

The day after we changed his childhood memories, he received news that he is due to inherit again (from a completely unexpected source he hadn’t known about before) — this time, it’s investment property!

A Fabulous second chance to do it differently this time — based on NEW references.

To find out more about the science behind how childhood memories are affecting all areas of your adult life, read: Can We Change Adverse Childhood Memories

For more information on finding and changing adverse childhood memories, visit:

Ask questions in the comments below — I love answering questions! 😊

In this video, Odille and Steve Remmert founders of The Remmert Method talk about the subconscious programming that may be holding you back when it comes to manifesting money — or other money issues in your life. It is often not what is currently happening but what occurred in childhood that created the blocks to creating what we want.

Odille Remmert

Written by

Ex-struggler, mind-set coach, writer, brain enthusiast, and effervescent cheerleader of those who choose to find ways to improve themselves and their lives.

Odille Remmert

Written by

Ex-struggler, mind-set coach, writer, brain enthusiast, and effervescent cheerleader of those who choose to find ways to improve themselves and their lives.

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