The Weird Connection Between Unfair Childhood Punishment and Money Problems as an Adult! (A strange, but true, success story)

Odille Remmert
Aug 5 · 3 min read

Subconscious Links

The Solution

Change those childhood references, and the decisions automatically change — because the subconscious is then affecting conscious judgement in a different way — to keep you in alignment with the NEW references that prove you CAN be financially abundant.

In this video, Odille and Steve Remmert founders of The Remmert Method talk about the subconscious programming that may be holding you back when it comes to manifesting money — or other money issues in your life. It is often not what is currently happening but what occurred in childhood that created the blocks to creating what we want.

Odille Remmert

Written by

Ex-struggler, empowerment coach, writer, brain enthusiast, and effervescent cheerleader of those who choose to find ways to improve themselves and their lives.

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