Laravel Homestead with Windows 10 Step by Step setup procedure with explanation.
Eaiman Shoshi

Step 9: Might want to mention that a restart of Git bash is necessary (since the .bash_profile is loaded upon start) for those who keep Git bash up after first startup ;-) (i stumbled upon issues with homestead up and figured that out).

Step 10: Seems to be some typo there I haven’t quite figured out yet, as a pure copy/paste gives this error: [Symfony\Component\Console\Exception\RuntimeException]
Too many arguments, expected arguments “command” “package” “directory” “version”.

And upon rewriting, fixing the space after first dash and just removing last variable:

composer create-project -prefer-dist laravel/laravel

Gives this error:
Could not find package — prefer-dist with stability stable.

Currently “stuck” figuring this part out :-)

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