What Life Offers: True Life Story

Today being the 26th of September, 2017.

I had just gotten back from a long journey from London to visit my best friend, I took a taxi from the train station which brought me to the exact location which my brother has messaged me.

I got down from the taxi and waited for my brother to come open the door for me. It looked like a strange small looking building, not until i got inside to see the beauty which did not portray its contents from the outside. We both shared a room which is a small spaced room which is convenient for two people, later on that night after i rested from my journey we both stepped out to get dinner at a Nigerian restaurant.

The food tasted so good as we could already feel the vibes of having a Nigerian restaurant nearby. From here we both trekked to a friend’s house named Dom to chill out. Dom came out to open the door for us since it is a student accommodation which needed accessible codes to get in. We all went upstairs to to Dom’s room, suddenly he suggested we have a stroll around the beautiful city and also get a drink. On our approach to Dom’s accommodation he found out that he had forgotten his room card to access his room immediately he panicked and started whispering to us that he would have to pay a Forty pound fine and he had a sad look on his face, at that point it all looked funny as we all laughed at the situation in the moment and started looking for ways to find out where the security on duty had gone to.

At some point it was not funny again and could not be taken for granted as my brother and i had also forgotten our tasty food in Dom’s room which was locked on the inside and Dom as well also needed to get some rest because everywhere was dark and was already 1am in the morning. As he walked up to the security man- the first thing that came out of his mouth was do i have to pay a fine for locking my card in the room, for a moment i thought that was a bad move as the key was only locked up in the room. I thought a much more approachable statement would have been “can you please help me open my door as i locked myself outside”. The look from the security on duty was frightening as he said “You would have to sort that out with the manager tomorrow morning, if they charge you they do and if they don’t they don’t”, these words sounded to harsh at that moment we knew all was not well.

Eventually, my brother and i decided to go home so Dom could sort his key out with the security guard.

On the way back home, my brother had noticed that he could not find his wallet, so i immediately reached out for my phone and called Dom to have a look around his room to check if the wallet was there to be found, after some minutes Dom called and confirmed he had found it. It was really stressful walking back to Dom’s house to pick up the wallet as we had gone almost have way home to our’s, but we had to be on our way back to Dom’s room to pick up the wallet.

From this point of my story titled “What Life Offers” a young looking guy was sat in his a black tinted car with the two front windows wind down with a guy in the front sit supposing to be his brother or friend, called us saying “Hello, please i need help” we were both reluctant as the situation looked a bit dodgy at first sight. He gushed out his car and greeted in an Islamic manner and we replied the greetings he was a so surprised we replied him and he asked are you both muslims as its a way in which the Islam religion greet each other; To be honest, coming from a country like Nigeria where the Islam religion is over fifty- percent we should at leasts know how to reply to the Islamic greetings, he was a bit shocked and he said to us ‘Please my sister in the hospital and i really need to get there; he also said please can you spare me some money to get to the hospital as i have a low tank i need to get two Liters of petrol to make it to the hospital, i offered him twenty pounds, he kept begging, i then offered him forty pounds, he said please i need forty more pounds, and then i told him i don’t have enough for myself, he offered me his ring and i said no, he knelt down before me and said in the name of Allah please help me and said i should tell him my name and give him my phone number i refused and gave him extra forty pounds making it eighty pounds in total.

He hugged me and said i really appreciate as he was in tears, i said to him no worries go meet your sister, he immediately entered his car and zoomed off as i left the area. My brother and i then continued our walk back to Dom’s room to get the wallet and also collect our food, we then sat out and called Dom to let him know we were outside; as we patiently waited for him we also used that opportunity to rest at the bench outside as we were both exhausted from the trek. We walked towards a black cab in order to get home in time on getting home my brother had figured out that his phone was switched off and he had forgotten the passcode to enter the house; meaning we were stranded outside we tried getting help for another person to open up the door for us but unfortunately everyone was fast asleep.

i was so angry saying to him ‘How can you forget the passcode into the accommodation’ he just kept laughing and saying we were both laughing when Dom locked himself out of his room, but unfortunately we were now in the same situation and was not funny anymore as we were both exhausted and the cold was getting worse. My brother had suggested that we go check into a hotel to sleep for some hours, but i refused because we had already spent a lot for the day which i would consider a waste if we had spent a few hundreds again for the night.

I said to him “I have been in this situation before when i was a student back in the University and i believe someone would come out, but this time no one did. I had to think of something quick since it would benefit both of us, so i suggested we go to a shop and ask for help, maybe someone can offer their iPhone charger to us so we can get the passcode for the house, he laughed as we walked down to some couple of 24/7 corner shops as we had tried asking people in a few shops they all turned out to be negative. I was so frustrated how this could have possibly happened. For a moment i thought to myself that “At first we laughed at Dom, then we helped a guy get to the hospital now we are stuck in a situation to ask people for help in which the answer could possibly go positive or negative but i was still very hopeful something positive would come out of this.

In addition to this situation i found myself in, my best friend had always advised me that help is always on its way if you go in search for it, so we tried one final shop and asked the guy who was in the 24/7 shop and he said he did not want to get into trouble as he got into this same situation the last time and it did not go well for him. We kept on pleading and he said “Come in i would charge it for you after effortlessly pleading with him that my brother is a student and was also showing him evidence that he was a student, he was very happy to help and offered to charge the phone, we all got into a conversation from there and that was how we charged the phone and walked back home to with a charged phone, at that point i told my brother “Please forward the codes to me so if your phone is off at least mine would be on”.

On the way back to the accommodation i thought to myself that i would have never imagined we would be in a position to ask others for help.We opened the doors which led to the room, dressed the bed and lay on it to sleep.

‘What a day to learn from that sometimes life would be be hard, but we have to keep trying and that help is always on its way. I thank God that i learnt a lesson today and i also thank and appreciate my best friend for teaching me how to handle difficult situations better in a matured manner.