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What is ODN Coin ?

Odinala coin (ODN) is a blockchain solution with the objective to gain mass adoption in the digital transformation age by developing real life solutions that empower development. ODN coin aims to bridge the value gap between investors holding physical tangible assets and ODN coin in their digital wallet. Our team is located in both London and Switzerland and our vision is that the ODN initiative will kick start offering our solutions in emerging markets by utilizing blockchain technology to trail blaze the emerging real estate market and lead the future of Decentralized finance.

Odinala network aims to build an ecosystem with two platforms that diversify asset holding and trading. Odinala marketplace and the Odinala Dex (Decentralized exchange).

Odinala DEX gives investors the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for other assets. Our native token Odinala tokens will be used for governance, trading fees and discounts for tokenized asset investments.

The Odinala marketplace makes real estate investing a reality for those unable to buy properties in their locality possible through the blockchain.This platform is aimed at disrupting the real estate and transportation industry by digitizing real world assets, lowering the barrier to entry, but importantly economizing and allowing small scale investors to profit from otherwise expensive assets. We’ve designed the ODN token to be transparent and otherwise trustworthy with unique features that mitigate potential issues:

· Smart contracts

· Publicly accessible team addresses and github

· Fair distribution

· Realtime asset holdings update

· Decentralized exchange (DEX)

· Earn interest on ODN asset holding

Odinala Network will be launching via uniswap which we have personally found to be the most accessible platform to investors globally. Our growth incentive program for long term holders we know will encourage more development of our digital network and online community. The return on annual holdings of ODN assets will engage investors with long term aspirations to partake in real estate ownership the opportunity to own in the form of an easily accessible digital asset. Our community pooling, prizes, and upcoming competitions we hope will also encourage investing for tomorrow.

Here’s some info on our Tokenomics

Initially, we didn’t plan to issue ERC20 tokens before building our own mainnet , but due to recent partnerships with major investors, we decided to change our views. Our tokens metrics is as follows:

Token Metrics

Token ticker: ODN

Total supply 8,000,000 ODN

Token allocation and lock-ups

Consensus Rewards — 1 500 000 ODN (18.75%): Allocated for Validators, Hodlers, and Stakers rewards on ODN blockchain. Locked until mainnet release.

Liquidity and Reserve — 1,000,000 ODN (12.5%): Allocated for exchange needs, such as market-making deposits or Uniswap liquidity pools. Locked until launch of DEX.

Marketing and Promotions — 800 000 ODN (10%): .Unlocked, but the address is available for the public and any transfers from this wallet will be announced in advance. This will be used to promote ODN token and confirm contract deals with current influencers on our pipeline.

Team — 800 000 ODN (10%): Locked until September 2021 after mainnet release and released annually after that.

Advisor — 400 000 ODN (5%): Locked until September 2021 after mainnet release and released annually after that.

Pre-sale 1 — (1,500,000 ODN (18.75%) 1 ETH = 4053

Pre-sale 2 — (500,000 ODN (6.25%) 1 ETH = 3695

Pre-sale 3 — ( 500, 000 ODN 6.25%) 1 ETH = 3359

Initial Listing — (1,000,000 ODN 12.5% ) 1 ETH = 2925

Initial circulating supply: 4,300,000 ODN

We are committed to building the trust of our community and transparency of our project. All token addresses will be made public, a smart contract audit will be performed by a third party and more than 60% of Liquidity raised will be locked into uniswap for 18 months.

Join our telegram group to join and have a voice in our community —

If you want to find all the latest news as it happens then there’s no better way to do it than to give us a follow on our Twitter page! We will be posting updates to keep you posted on what’s going on in the ODN network.

The Odinala Team

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Leading the blockchain digital revolution in emerging markets. Our vision — Blockchain adoption — Decentralized finance.

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