February 12, 2020, Weekly Update! Data Updates, ODIN.Chat Sees its 1,000th Download, SEO Reddit Statistics Point at Growth, & More!

ODIN aims to improve the world through a network of open source cooperatively built mobile applications with a focus on privacy and decentralization.

Data Updates

As of Wednesday, February 12, 2020, 11:00 a.m. PST — [Time of publication.]

Masternodes Online → 452
Current Block Height → 722821
Next Superblock → 733400 (Roughly 7 days and 10 hours from publication.)
Total Budget → 108,000 Ø (ODIN)
Allocated → 75,000 Ø (69.44%)

69.44% of January’s Superblock fund has been allocated, as the budget is allocated; this creates competition amongst projects vying for the ODIN in exchange for their development.

In the event that the allocated budget reaches 100%, you may still put forth a developmental proposal. If your idea is found to be more appealing than current developmental proposals and in turn receives more votes than existing proposals you can supersede theirs, resulting in your project being funded in place of theirs.

Overall, this is great for the ODIN ecosphere as more and more developmental efforts are being put forth, causing a naturally competitive environment that you, the participant in the space, will benefit from.

Data provided courtesy of M.A.S.H. []

Search Engine Optimization Statistics Point to Community Growth Trends

ODIN Society migrated from a variety of social channels into a consolidated community hub on Reddit earlier this year. The reasoning was multi-faceted but mainly hung on three primary reasons. This condensing of community channels into Reddit allowed for more efficient problem solving around support issues with dedicated threads aimed at varying technical support problems that may have arisen amongst our user base. Secondly, this migration took away the obligatory sign-up wall that both our dedicated Telegram and Discord channels were behind. Reddit does not have this problem — it is free and open to view regardless of whether or not you possess a Reddit account. The third, final, and perhaps the most crucial reason the community migrated was due to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) issues. Our technology and brand deserve to be found. All content that was being discussed on both Telegram and Discord both exist in closed-box systems — unreachable via traditional search engines. Again, Reddit solves this problem.

February 12th’s data is reflected as 0 as Reddit only updates this information the following day.

February 12th’s data is reflected as 0 as Reddit only updates this information the following day.

September — December 2019 Reddit Averages
3 members per month
3 unique visitors per day
12 page views per day

January — February 2020 Reddit Averages
+1000% increase in member signup rate
30 members per month (organically acquired)

+900% increase in daily unique visitors
27 unique visitors per day

+1400% increase in daily pageviews
168 page views per day

ODIN.CHAT Crosses the 1,000th Download Mark!

While a large swath of our community (and for understandable reason) associates ODIN Blockchain with Ø, our native currency, it is also essential to acknowledge the impact our technology and ethos can have on the world at large. With that, we would like to celebrate crossing the 1,000 install line.

ODIN Related Articles

Every week, thanks to ODIN’s Superblock funding, ODIN Society member, Christopher Reeder aka writes and or edits articles informing both current and prospective community members about ODIN tech and general ongoings. Here is an article aimed at helping users of ODIN.CHAT to better understand the underlying cryptography.

A High-Level Technical Analysis of the World’s First Blockchain-Driven Private Messenger

One Way Functions

Think back to your days in elementary school and imagine a series of primary color paints like these:

You’ve got your blue, red, and yellow paint. Very easy to replicate — you could buy another tube of the same color code after all. Let’s take a bit of the blue and yellow, mix it, and we’ve got something entirely different, one of innumerable shades of green.

This is how locks work. Very easy in one direction (the mixing of the primary colored paints) Very difficult in the other (you can’t un-mix mixed colors after all).

Why does this matter? It matters because only the mixer could know the precise amount of the respective yellow and blue paint mixed to create this one-off green.

This brings us to:

Privacy tools and knowledge supported by ODIN Society. We develop and support non-profit and charitable projects.

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