ODIN Blockchain Products Preparing for Concurrent Launches in May

📅 Launch dates incoming

First of all, don’t read anything into 17th July — this is simply the date of world emoji day! However, part of this date may have some upcoming relevance.

Amidst an increased amount of productivity within the ODIN Blockchain community, there has been much focus this week on key product launches. Core developers and ODIN collaborators have been working together on the two flagship ODIN products, and say that on the tech side, they are ready to launch. The launch processes have commenced and been agreed with relevant ODIN collaborators, and we can expect a launch date for early-bird subscribers by Thursday 16th May 2019.

The community has been eagerly awaiting ODIN’s flagship product (ODIN.CHAT) and the masternode service infrastructure (MASH) — everyone is very excited to see the first phase of ODIN coming together and launching within the next two weeks!

1) ODIN.CHAT Public Beta Launch

People have been patiently awaiting the public beta release for ODIN.CHAT after being teased with some tasty new user interface designs and illustrations for the onboarding process. Please make sure you sign up as an early access user for ODIN.CHAT, spaces are limited.

Early access to ODIN.CHAT will be provided for approximately one week following the official launch, but will not be available for users post-launch.

Following testing and refinement of the alpha private messenger/wallet hybrid mobile app with ODIN community members, through Google’s Play Store developer console, ODIN.CHAT is launching with a new and improved user interface design — along with new features to make it easier and simpler for new users to log in with an anonymous ODIN Identity, add private contacts, send encrypted messages, and use the integrated cryptocurrency wallet.

2) ODIN MASH Public Beta Launch

MASH beta is 99.9% ready to launch, and an official date for the community to start using MASH will be announced in the next few days. ODIN collaborators are producing guides to help make it even more easy to set up and operate ODIN masternodes through MASH.

Following a successful public beta, MASH will be promoted to the wider world, and more features will be unveiled in due course.

Further information about ODIN

If this is all new to you, have a good read through some of the previous three months of ODIN progress reports here.

Feedback, Questions, Suggestions 🤔

Community feedback, suggestions, and comments can be submitted to the public development progress of ODIN.CHAT on the odin.canny.io community feedback site.

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Interested in protecting your own personal privacy? Check the ODIN Twitter feed. Have a read and get involved in the discussions going on there.

🙌 Thank you and see you again soon!