ODIN Privacy Blockchain #013

Weekly progress updates from the ODIN community

Hello and welcome to our weekly report 🚀

However, you should get a taste for some of the current projects that are getting some love from our amazing community collaborators.

You can also read the previous three months of ODIN progress reports which have been published on here.

ODIN ecosystem/community updates are published here at least once per week. If you want immediate push notifications to inform you of the latest post as it goes out, you can follow us on Medium, join the community channels, or use a range of popular apps such as Delta, Blockfolio, CoinGecko Beam and several other well-known tools too.

Eager to drill down into more detailed information? Explore the community and social links near the bottom of this report.

A hive of community activity 🐝

ODIN has built a lot of momentum over the past three months, with growth and engagement across all of our social and community channels. There are now several thousand people across ODIN’s communities. It is always great to see others positively engaging within the ODIN communities. Increasingly more ideas and projects are happening in the ODIN ecosystem.

Highlighting contributions and collaborations 📢

ODIN is becoming increasingly decentralized, and more community initiatives are coming to light through various social channels. Below are some snippets and links to updates from other community members.

Long-term ODIN Collaborator and founder, Peter McClory, has written up his recent contributions here. You may need to grab a coffee for this one ☕😉

If you have been working on something recently and have a publicly viewable link to a blog or social post (even just screengrabs), please get in touch with ODIN moderators on Discord or Telegram to let them know and it will be added here (if you’re quick!), or on the next ODIN Community report. Thank you!

Feedback, Questions, Suggestions 🤔

Community feedback, suggestions, and comments can be submitted to the public development progress of ODIN.CHAT on the odin.canny.io community feedback site.

ODIN Official BitcoinTalk Announcement thread
ODIN Blockchain website
ODIN Github Wiki
ODIN Discord community
ODIN Telegram community

Interested in protecting your own personal privacy? Check the ODIN Twitter feed. Have a read and get involved in the discussions going on there.

🙌 Thank you for dropping by, and catch you next week!