Privacy Messenger ODIN.CHAT Launches on Google Play

ODIN community members benefit from early access to the innovative flagship mobile app ODIN.CHAT

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3 min readMay 17, 2019

ODIN Blockchain is an innovative community-driven blockchain ecosystem, and today announces the launch of ODIN.CHAT, the world’s first and only blockchain-driven private messenger with an integrated digital wallet.

The recent launch of ODIN.CHAT is in advance of upcoming ODIN products and services which enable users to privately communicate, whilst benefiting from innovative blockchain-related features on ODIN.

ODIN.CHAT can be described as the future of messaging and money, with more features on their way this year.

Mobile messaging has exploded in the past decade to a monthly global user base of over 6 billion people, and large corporations have increasingly compromised on user privacy.

In the past few decades, personal data has been accessed, stored, and used maliciously by numerous unauthorized third parties. In this day and age, it is imperative for individuals to have as much control as possible over their own private information.

ODIN Blockchain has innovated in exactly this area, looking to make a huge difference with the launch of its unique ecosystem, starting with the ODIN.CHAT mobile app product on Google Play first. This is the world’s first private encrypted messenger integrated with a crypto wallet — and anonymous sign-in — the future of messaging and money.

Future features look to enable ODIN.CHAT to host other applications and games as modular extensions which combine the use of the $ODIN PoS Cryptocurrency. Third-party developers and entrepreneurs can build on ODIN with the open-source API tools which will utilize ODIN’s infrastructure to facilitate decentralization through the communities of ODIN users.

Early access to the ODIN.CHAT app is granted to users who signed up in advance during the early bird registration window in April. These users will have the first public access for approximately one week before the open public launch. It is still possible to subscribe to be notified of the open public release via the official ODIN.CHAT website.

Quotes from key ODIN Collaborators

“We are also keen to talk with other crypto communities to help them onboard their assets into ODIN.CHAT in order to provide their coins with additional utilities.” ~ (ODIN Society, Strategic Advisor)

“ODIN.CHAT is not just an application that offers a secure means of communication through end-to-end encryption, but a central flagship component of the ODIN ecosystem. We have already delivered a fully-functional application aimed at protecting user privacy and information. ODIN.CHAT builds on an industry-leading cryptographic protocol, packaged into a versatile mobile framework.” ~ Vaughn (Lead Developer)

“ODIN.CHAT is a passion project for me, the need for personal data privacy tools has never been more urgent. Every day there is a new story or leak about how big data is overreaching into people’s lives. So to not only support the development of the ODIN.CHAT solution, but also participate in maintaining the decentralized infrastructure (by hosting a node) is an incredible feeling. It is action with a direct impact.” ~ Joe (Creative)

In the 21st century, we have a personal data crisis. Multi-national corporations take advantage of selling and manipulating your personal data whilst making billions from these ongoing transactions. It is the responsibility of us all to secure our human right to privacy, and ODIN helps you to do this.

For those who care about the privacy of their personal data like me, ODIN.CHAT is a blessing. A truly decentralized network, ODIN.CHAT shows the power of blockchain innovation. Witnessing ODIN.CHAT’s evolution to this point from concept to reality in a very short time gives me hope for the future of personal data privacy.

The release of ODIN.MASH which provides easy to launch Masternode construction will help greatly to build the infrastructure that powers ODIN.CHAT, and make it so even non-tech-savvy users can help make this vision a reality.” Alperen (Community Moderator)

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If this is all new to you, have a good read through some of the previous few months of ODIN progress.

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