So, i figure out that since i resently reached 500 cds bought that i should tell about them beacuse they have been pretty much my soundtrack, not fancy reviews no one is paying, just for sharing.


This one is from a mexican band back in early 90s, you can tell that they were having fun doing it, fresh sound, no fancy production the artwork on the booklet is plain just lyrics and 3 band photos, for 13 tracks and 33 minutes aprox. 1 cover to a regional band is a pretty good first effort, has a mix of sounds, and lyrics from urban tales anecdotes and guys just having fun, simple and stupid as rock sometimes should be, it reminded me why i started to listen to the genre i was around 10 years old when i got this and it cost me 2 usd of today’s exchange rate, i can say that it became my favourite spanish language band real fast, the band had 2 singers that eventually got married and had kids but i gotta say they worked well in the band, sometimes she leads sometimes he does, and their vocals combine well together, they don’t follow a single style through out the album, they mix up sounds from here and there and you have this peculiar sound that i like to call rock as simple as that, may be not hard, far form heavy or any other label but it was good, it came at a time when the radio was flooded with pop music and is considered an indie band and part of a movement of a second wave of mexican local rock influenced by so many foreign sounds

2 singles, i believe

2 videos for them

image just for illustrative purposes

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