Have Algorithms Ruined Our Lives?

As the world progresses, many of us work to balance life and business. Whether we are an employee or an entrepreneur our days are no longer just 9–5 as we work to maintain best of the best status. Years ago, it was simpler to be the best of the best as you either had the best resume or largest yellow pages ad. However, social media outlets have changed how you are the best of the best as an entrepreneur. In the beginning networking and advertising were conveniently done from the comfort of your home. Now Facebook & Instagram have changed their algorithms. The new algorithms are affecting both my personal and business life and I think it is time we highlight these issues so something can be done.

Issue #1, Interests:
 Social Media has decided based off the majority of likes what my interests are. The issue with this is, I do not like everything I read due to time/privacy issues. However, because of the hunt for baby outfit ideas my social media has decided I am only interested in cute baby photos. This is an issue because if the trending post is not related to babies’ social media has decided I am not interested. I am missing out on updates in friends and colleagues lives that ultimately get taken personally. I am missing out on current events. So now before attending events I need to take a quick peek at multiple news sources in hopes I actually know what is going on.

Issue #2, Events:
 Previously, I would see events that friends were attending. I would see all events for a certain if I went and reviewed that day. Now I see what they think I would like based of previous events attended, but I do not always check in, so media does not know all of my interests.

When friends or colleagues post about an event, in large numbers, they want to attend I see after their post has become “popular”. By the time I see the post (usually a few days later) I have missed the opportunity.

Issue #3, Following:

Although I pay Facebook to regularly boost my business posts my followers miss out on events, giveaways and more. Unless, I make a second payment towards that post to boost it. When someone has chosen to follow my page, their choosing to see my information without me paying for it. Yet somehow Facebook still wants me to pay…

Issue #4, Announcements:

I have now missed baby announcements, new employers, moves and more. Until the announcement post gets enough likes and comments to be “popular” I am out the loop. Even if I do check my Facebook feed on a regular basis. For example, yesterday a baby announcement post was the top in my feed, but it was 3 weeks old… Um, ya I was a little late. Now I look like an insensitive jerk who does not care, because Facebook waited to tell me it was important. As the individuals were too busy to call everyone their reliance on social media meant some of their friends missed out on their special announcement.

Yes, the obvious answer should be let’s communicate and reach out with the important people directly. That we should not use media as a crutch, but let’s be honest it is too late for that. We are now trained to announce something knowing that the days of making 20 phone calls is done. We are now accustomed to being able to use our time for other outlets. It’d be nice to converse with someone in person, yet with new algorithms we may never know when that person is free.