So, you want to open a business

Everyone says they want to be a business owner, and many take the plunge, but shouldn’t. Why do I say that?

Because to pursue your hobby, passion, dream means you now say goodbye to the “stable” pay cheque that direct deposited to your account bi-weekly. You now become responsible for everything from maintenance to marketing to production to sales. You now become 100% responsible for your time & actions. You now have to be responsible for choosing work over social obligations (you know, instead of blaming your maniac boss). You must be aware of trends in the market or economy, so you can adjust as needed. You are no longer receiving a cheque, but you are giving cheques.

However, many will take the plunge and fail. Why do I say that?

Many will see the value they can add to a field or product. They will see the tax benefits. The opportunity to control their time as they want (minus clients and vendor requests). They see a challenge that they have spent their entire lives preparing for. They see revenue streams that could allow them to better support the ones they love in their life. They see a need in the economy for what they can do it and how. They see opportunity.

Yet they will fail.

They will fail to change their surroundings. They will stay surrounded by individuals who are not like-minded. Such as old co-workers, friends and family who do not understand why they left a “stable” job (even after multiple lay offs). In these surroundings, they will get encouragement to “chase your dreams”. As well as comforting words to the tune of “keep going, push ahead”. But they will also get pressure to attend social gatherings to take a break, rest and recharge with evening drinks, weekend parties, Netflix marathons and more — even though they should be planning and engaging the business. They will still seek validation for their actions, from competitors and social media, instead of creating a tribe to help raise them up. They will ignore affirmations, motivational videos, tutorials and more because they think seeking help means the naysayers were right, that they were not setup for this. They will fail because they forget to remember the value they have, they will not hold their ground, they will fail to collect on invoices. All out of fear. The fear of “upsetting” a potential customer.

However, few will take the challenge, fail, persevere, then rise to success. Why Do I say that?

Entrepreneurship takes a multitude of attributes. It takes the “mental toughness” of Steve Siebold, the heart of the Grinch when it grew 50 sizes too big, the clap back of Muhammed Ali, the mouth of Conner McGregor, and the perseverance of fisherman in the New Testament.

Entrepreneurs know it is okay to “fail” as it is a learning opportunity. They will strengthen their mind daily with positive affirmations, podcasts, blogs, books and more. They will challenge themselves to look out the box, learn to soften the nagging voice of discouragement, and embrace the inner cheerleader inside of them.

Those who succeed will do it with a heart so big for what they do, that it shines for the world to see. The thought of their business sends all the blood to their heart and they do it with a passion that jumpstarts them out of bed. They speak their success it into existence. Their words of affirmation towards progress and growth will discount any doubters, and strength their path to success. Those who succeed cast their nets wide to gather helpful information to establish a solid foundation of which to build and develop. They will learn from each net that does not garner success to build stronger ones.

There are lots of reasons to become an entrepreneur and run your own business. Soon we will explore all the potential avenues. However, know that if the employee life is right for you that is A — Ok.