The 5 Reasons we NEED a Mentor

A good coach will help others succeed, while being self-aware. The self-awareness to know when their business and life needs a tune up from an outside, unbiased source. Being a good coach, I sat with Tyler Neilsen of Visioncast for my ten-thousand-dollar tune up. I felt there was a small ding in my boat and wanted it dealt with now, before I had a hole by the end of the year. There are numerous coaches and mentors out there who can look at your new or old business and your life in general. You may ask, “why should we pay someone to point out our flaws especially when we already know they exist”? Well, just because you know they exist doesn’t mean you are prepared to deal with them.

After working with Tyler last week, I compiled my top 5 reasons for seeking out mentorship. I hope you find the list enlightening and helpful:

1. They Dam

We get trapped in our own heads. It is easy to think we know the exact problem. However, we know them from our perspective, which I also call the Hoover Dam. Our perception causes us to only let in what we want and block out other thoughts. A good mentor will break through the Dam in the right places and allow what we need to come in.

2. They Medic

How many times do we drag something out or ignore a potential issue for too long? How many missed opportunities have we foregone because we are so sure about the current one?

When you seek medical help a good medic will acknowledge the current problem, underlining problems and opportunities to fix them. A good mentor will identify the problem, offer a few solutions, and help to narrow down one solution that can be achieved.

3. They Explore

You have a coach or mentor who can perceive what you want and where you should be going. That is not a bad thing as they want you to succeed, but sometimes they are limited in their vision and might not see how big or small you actually want to go. A new mentor will expand your vision and allow you a quick reset to see where you want to go.

4. They Connect

Seeking new mentorship allows you to connect with their network. Maybe they know a book you need to read ASAP or a person to connect you with. You never know what tools the possess that will ignite your fire and get your business or life moving.

5. They Putty

When fixing a hole in your wall you use easy putty from a hardware store to fill the space and a spatula to smooth it out. If it happens on your accent walls, then you may need a coat of paint too but that is another discussion. For those of us with white walls it’s a breeze to fix once we garner the energy to drive to the hardware store. See, seeking out other mentors is the same as grabbing the putty except the mentor will help us find the right putty, apply it correctly, and smooth out any bumps with their knowledge and your skills.