The 5 people we ACTUALLY NEED to hang out with

Although it seems like everyone has taken credit for the statement, “You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with”, Jim Rohn was the individual who gave it life. It is often used in reference to our bank account balance or salary, but why not relate it to everyday life? Personally, I feel that I have heard everything will be the average, from my height to the number of children I have. However, I have not heard it in gearing up our general life for success.

With that I share with you my opinion of the “Top 5” you need in your life to succeed.
 1. The Money Magnet

If you are looking to achieve a certain bank account balance or career it is important to engage with those who already have it. This allows you to see what the life you imagine actually looks like with the responsibilities and freedoms associated with it. You see the vocabulary, habits, mannerisms, lifestyle and balance needed to achieve that. It allows you to grow with someone who is there and prepares you for the upcoming changes.

2. The Courageous Lion

When I think of this person my mind goes to the Cowardly Lion, from Wizard of Oz, after he receives his heart. This person oozes courage, passion, love, and joy. Now don’t get me wrong the “Money Magnet” could have these features, but you need someone who embodies these characteristics all of the time. They remind you to see the benefit in the struggles and most importantly to see the strength in yourself. More often than not it is lost when pursuing your goals. They’re almost like the small child you ignore because they seem naive, but this is an adult who still dreams and creates those dreams into realities with habits, goals, and beliefs.

3. The Wizard

No, they do not play Magic Cards in their basement or use black magic, but sometimes you have to wonder. When the going get’s tough they arrive with solutions that sometimes seem obvious and sometimes leaves you wondering how they did that. If they cannot solve the problem with their mysterious ways “they conjure up” someone or something that can. You know when calling them that the problem you are facing will not remain as bad as it appears for they will fix it.

4. The Boxer

You know that person who sees right through you when you are trying to hide something? Or that person who reads between the lines of the fictional story you are telling yourself? This person sees it all and tells you what you needed to hear, but avoid. I call it the uppercut into the gut conversation. Think about watching a good fight. The fighter is hit with an uppercut, from the boxer, that doesn’t knock him out, but shakes him out of his lull. The Boxer in your life will knock you in your exposed area when you’re not ready for it and especially when you need it. They make you aware and force you to rise to your challenges.

Disclaimer: If your boxer uppercuts you in a way that leaves you feeling worse than before, you may need to revaluate to ensure there “cuts” come with good intentions.

5. The Family

Everyone’s definition of the perfect family is different. Some want to make their own family with a sports team of children who grow together, others want to bond with their existing members, some want to stay as far away from family as possible, some want a sisterhood like Sex & The City and others want to live the single life. There are so many definitions of family and relationships, but you should engage with those whose lives are what you want. Learn from them how they treat those they currently have relationships with, the sacrifices they make and the benefits they enjoy of those relationships. Having this “family” allows you to see if this is something you really want to be and allows you to develop the skills needed for that.

Sometimes you are lucky enough to easily find your Sum of 5 People who fill all these qualities, but realistically it takes time. Build your network and grow your connections. Having these fantastic five allows you to create a needed balance and a realistic perception of the life you want, all while giving you a foundation to build off of and the methods needed to get there.