Why your Business needs to be at a Comic Expo

This weekend I had the privilege of speaking at the Edmonton Comic Expo or as I always say “Edmonton Comicon”. The organization allowed me to run a panel on “How Superheroes have empowered woman and ethnic backgrounds in work”. When the email entered my mailbox saying I was free to run this as I wished, I danced and ran up and down my stairs about 18 times! With 3 weeks notice I had to get to work, graphics, speakers, promo, and more were all to be done. Through this process I learned that many Edmontonian’s still have no idea this event exists or the power that resides in this phenomenal event. With that I tell you the three reasons why you or your business needs to be in attendance next year.

  1. It is like Disneyland came to Edmonton except the photos are free!

Do you remember the song “Happy”? It’s radio play caused everyone to stop and dance.

Do you remember your first time in Disneyland and seeing your favorite character from far away?

All of those emotions exist within the building. Even after dealing with the parking lot everyone is “high” with the buzz and environment. The anticipation of grazing their favorite character or getting a picture. There are adults reliving the coolest parts of their childhood and children creating those memories. This is usually caused by Photo Ops with celebrities and Cosplay.

See Cosplay is often under valued but, it is no joke. Individuals who believe in it will spend countless hours making the perfect costume. Whether you want to see a member of Hangover or your favorite video game character alive this is the place. Individuals will have moving parts, voice changers, and more.

If Cosplay is not your thing? Do you hate every make-believe character? Do you hate happy people? While there are also educational panels, technology booths, and live tattoos for sale.

Why is this important for you and your business? Because who doesn’t need a legal & healthy boost of positivity and dream believing.

  1. It takes up the Entire Expo Building and Parking lot

As I looked to find my panelists I realized how many people under estimate the size of this Expo. Individuals assumed their target market would not be present — they could not be more wrong, there were 41,238 were in attendance. Every type of person and age category were present. Over the years I have seen doctors, lawyers, teachers, political figures (sometimes unrecognizable in their costumes), small children, millionaires, local and mainstream celebrities, short, tall, fat, etc. What we often forget is our love for the hero surpasses normal routine habits. For example, I HATE lines and yet one year I stood in line for a total of 5 hours for a picture with Dean Cain.

The best way to imagine the individuals there is to think of K- Days (our local ride festival). Every inch of the Expo Centre is filled with everything and everyone imaginable. If you do not go early you are waiting 30 minutes just to turn into the parking lot. Individuals are so happy they just got a picture with Iron Man, their kids are smiling and their wallets are opening.

What does this mean for your business? It means a sale, it means the sister of your next biggest client describing a positive experience with you, it means separating yourself from competition that is unmemorable. It means hitting what feels like all of Edmonton in one day.

  1. It’s New

Our best personal & business growth experiences come when we try something new. We learn facts about ourselves, we see our capability for expansion, we smile, we laugh, we cry, we spend money and make money. However regardless of what happens we created a new memory which is proven to help making new brain paths!