‘Ka ndi Igbo si abu AFA.’
Emeka Ezekwesili

My surname is Nnacho, ‘Englishnised’ to Nnachor to make sense to the British who first wrote it on paper.

That’s not the problem. The problem is that over time the meaning of the name has assumed a form markedly different from the initial meaning. Written in full, it is ‘Ifennacholu’ roughly translated to ‘the father’s heart desire’ to confirm the special place of my grandfather in the heart of my great grandfather since he was the first boy in the family. Now, my father it was who explained it to me, but insisted that henceforth he has modified the meaning to ‘the Father’s heart desire’. Subtle difference, but encapsulates the neo-christian colouring of every facet of the Igbo Lifestyle.

I won’t fret though. I just intend to fully assume his (my dad) own firstname as my surname when the time is right — which is at the birth of my own family. Dad just doesn’t know it. His firstname is ‘Anikweze’. Very cute name. Dad doesn’t agree but it’s my call now.

Very interesting read. This is one more effort at highlighting the real and evident threat of extinction of the Igbo Language. Kudos.

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