Some few useful javascript features.

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Over the years, javascript has evolved and various features has been added to the language syntax. Some of the syntax seems strange and unknown, so here are some of the ones I have discovered in the few years i have been working with javascript.

Property Accessors

The regular way of accessing object properties in javascript is similar to other C like languages e.g getting the firstname property of a Person object is Person.firstname.
Another way of accessing these properties is by treating the properties like keys of a map e.g Person[‘firstname’]. This way of accessing object…

InfluxDB is one of the popular time series database out there. In this article, I’ll try to explain some of the key concepts needed to get you up-and-running with InfluxDB. This article assumes that you have InfluxDB already installed on your machine. if you don't, you can install it by following this instructions.

A time series database should not be confused with relational databases as they are totally different. A time series is basically a series of points indexed in time order. Examples of Time Series Data include:

  • Measuring the level of unemployment each month of the year
  • Tracking…

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I was trying to upload an image to aws (Amazon Web Service) for the first time and couldn’t find a comprehensive guide, I had to search for every bit of the process. Here are my findings I hope it helps you 😇.

The code example is not the ideal way to structure your application, config variables should be gotten from environment variable. The goal is to upload any file to an S3 bucket, not to structure a web application for production 🙂.

First of all you need an aws account. You can create on here. You get a free trial…


First of all what is mithril.js? Mithril.js is a javascript framework for building Single Page Applications (SPAs). One thing that makes mithril standout for me is it being lightweight, compared to it’s other popular counterparts; React, Angular and Vue.js, Mithril is just 8kb (< 8kb gzip) (v.1.1.6).

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