A Distant Dream

Dayton O'Donnell
Jun 2 · 1 min read

I’ll come clean.

We’ve met before

Once in a dream.

I looked at you

And you at me

When I looked away

You’d left the scene.

What a wonder it all this seems.

Stuck holding on to silly Dreams.

While I lay here awake

I know you’re out there,

And though I don’t know you anymore

I fantasize about the what ifs

And the how-things-were-befores.

Back when I loved you and you loved me

And we dreamt our happy little Dream

So yes, I’ll come clean

We’ve met once before.

When we closed our eyes

I dreamt of you

And you of me.

Back then

I opened my eyes

And saw you

looking back at me.

But now,

I open my eyes

And all I see

is a dream

that used to be.

Thanks for reading,

Dayton O’Donnell

Originally published at https://www.daytondoesstuff.com on June 2, 2019.

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