Don’t Work for Those Who Don’t Believe in What You Believe.

Don’t work for those who don’t believe in what you believe, who don’t practice what you believe, and who don’t encourage you to practice what you believe.

I’m a bad example though. I know the importance of not only hiring great talents but also sustaining and inspiring great talents. But I am currently working for someone, who believes in hiring interns on a quarterly basis to cut operating cost.

Apparently, to her, employees is not an asset who could help run her business and make it a profitable one, but merely an operating cost and burden. A cost to be cut at all costs — even by hiring interns to do full time works. Forget about mediocre results. The key is cost saving. Forget about talent management, it’s expensive. Might as well save it.

Nope, it doesn’t occur to her at all that nurturing talents who will work blood, sweats, and tears in the long run for the company is worth it tenfold even if it’s exorbitant in the short run.

Don’t work for those who don’t believe in what you believe because one day you might eventually find yourself believe in what they believe. Because you’re not likely to change an organization’s beliefs and cultures, they will change you first. Before you know it, boom, you’re “part of them”.