How to batch-delete one’s tweets

We assume sferik’s t command line client is installed and attached to a specific account (to attach the client you need an app that you can create on Then the command is t authorize).

We can delete a post (knowing its id) doing

t delete status -f 318635511294070784

We can get the id by requesting a Twitter archive in the account settings. It’s quite nifty — it comes with an index.html file that allows you to browse your tweets. What we are interested here are the data files, eg


We can extract the ids using the following egrep command (what it really does is to write the delete commands into a file called run). The lines below then count the tweets, and execute the deletes.

egrep '^  "id_str"' 2016_11.js|egrep -o '[0-9]{18}' | while read x; do echo "t delete status -f $x | tee -a logfile"; done > run
wc -l run
chmod +x run

The particular set of commands above would delete all tweets for November 2016. For other months, the filename (2016_11.js) must be adjusted.


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