Artists: Raul Isidro; Christian Tamondong; CJ Tanedo; Eugene Cubillo; Fil Dela Cruz; Edwin Ladrillo; Katrina Pallon; Isobel Francisco; Simkin De Pio

The overall theme of the gallery based on the arts shown was more on the essence of being a woman since most of the arts were showing women in different aspects or in different emotions like sadness, happiness, and empowerment.

The vibe was really emotional and heartfelt, I could feel it as a woman. The way I look at the paintings, I could feel every emotion that the painter put in the artwork.


This artwork depicts a lady looking at the clock. I believe everyone who lives in this world will end and we just don’t really know when is our final time in this world, but one thing is for sure, anytime soon. You won’t escape it so make every second count.


This painting inspired me a lot upon seeing it. I could interpret this painting as telling the nation that women can also be leaders and lead the whole nation, and as a youth, we could start right now and never give up in making our nation better and bolder.

LAGABLAB by Simkin De Pio (2017)

I could say this artwork shows that women are warm, pleasant, and enthusiastic when it comes to their families, loved ones, and the people important to them because of the colors used in the painting.


The artworks presented are the combination of his well-known iconic pet symbol, the Garapata with animation and there were also hundreds of drawings made and contributed by the public and used these artworks to make an on-the-spot animation video that everyone who go inside his gallery can participate in creating.

To consider one as an artwork doesn’t mean that it should be beautiful or idealistic, it just have to convey a story and the story comes from the maker. And every art inside was made by people who went to the art fair, it just shows that anyone can be an artist, can make an art to express themselves.


Her gallery was dark, it’s like a temple space with four life size celestial beings that was said to be reconstructed from the artist’s own naked body, sculpted in cast stones and was colored with tea. It has shown more of the artist’s female alter-egos, shown feminine and its multiple aspects such as the divine, erotic, and mystical.

Her artworks obviously shown how powerful a woman can be, be it an immortal or mortal being and artworks can’t be only expressed in paintings but also in sculptures like these, artworks are not only an expression of a story but a way of showing who and what you are as a person and what do you like.


Most of the people in the art fair were students, some are well-known personalities, some are high-end people having their wine while going around the art fair, some were really into arts, of course some were first timers, excited and overwhelmed with all the arts shown in the art fair.

The local contemporary Philippine art scene was really interesting, it could blow someone’s mind because of how creative everything was, it was so enjoyable just by looking around and observing, and it’s really something that Filipinos can be proud of.

Comparing my visit in National Museum, both actually has shown Filipino values, what and where Filipinos came from but the difference is that artworks in National Museum are more traditional while artworks in art fair are more modernized and interactive. Most people that visits the National Museum are students who are on a field trip, mostly in the middle class while in the art fair, each and every one there is very different.

My overall experience was really fun and exciting. It was actually my first time to attend an art fair. I was really so patient to see every art exhibited in every gallery and definitely my favorite part of the day was when I was able to experience the closing ritual that Agnes Arellano does every time an exhibit of her artworks end. It was so interesting because it was really interesting because you could see how she really values her artworks and obviously not just her but every artist who exhibit their works were very nice to share their artworks to the public. I could go again next year!! :)

I’m keeping it ;)
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