Oduwa Community Update.

We are currently working to release the latest update of Oduwa Coin Wallet Just after our listing On CoinMarketCap (CMC) and Blockfolio. For our Android and IOS Users, New updates would be available to you in coming weeks,Once you update your wallet, you can log back into your account and be live in the latest version. We also highlight some of the new coin integrations and performance improvements made to our flagship app. All of our active and new users will immediately have the ability to store, track, send and receive. In this update, we shipped a multitude of performance enhancements. Oduwa Coin Wallet will be more efficient, scalable and secure. We will continue to deploy performance enhancements with every developer sprint. Our beta-testers in product council shared a remarkable improvement in performance, and of course this is just the beginning This update and the future updates to come highlight a critical step in our journey to delivering a powerful application that is directly informed by our community, a truly people-powered platform, which we are aggressively improving with our talented team. The Future Is Oduwa Coin.

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