Love VS Money. Fight!

Someone asked me a very interesting question today in Quora, that I bet everyone of us has thought at least once in their lives.

Would you quit your job and live your life poor but with your ideal partner?

A job is an activity that you devote your time and self and in return brings you money. A job is something that can take many forms and in my opinion can’t be disconnected from our human existence and personal growth. Because of that I will stick to the main reason that most humans work in this planet and that is money. There are many jobs and career paths but usually it all comes down to the simple goal of a human to achieve financial independence and growth through earning money.

Having money is just one of the many means that if used right can help you achieve happiness.

On the other hand, being with someone you love is one of the main ways that can truly, deeply and make us feel happy. Being with this person makes time go by like a flooded river, he/she is the one that makes you whole. They help you develop and grow into heights you didn’t know you could reach. They make you bring out your best and become a better person everyday.

The last two sentences is where i want to keep your focus. These two elements are the reason why love, if done correctly is so important on a personal level. By having the right person next to you, everything seems and is achievable. Career goals, promotions, tests and thus money can come way easier with a person that loves you, being beside you. Of course there is also tons of strength and potential that someone can have or achieve by being alone. There are many ways in which people can get motivated and feel happy but being with someone you love brings a new meaning to all that. It is endless source of strength and positivity that can make you endure the hardest situations.

I bet you would never turn in your friends for money and the same goes for the person you love.

Humans are social beings and that is why we find joy in sharing and caring and being with others. If we take this into consideration, having money alone can't make you get to closer to eternal happiness. Having money alone doesn't make you more social, it doesn't make you share and sometimes it even doesn't make you care. Of course you can have some amazing experiences and since you won't have one of the main worries that eats up tons of our daily time you will feel nice.

But until when?

Eventually all these short-term relationships will get boring, dull and meaningless. You will have the need to truly connect with someone, to love and get loved by someone apart from a friend. And that is when a hole will appear. A hole that money will never be able to fill, only patch up for brief periods of time. A hole that only love can fill.

By being loved you can find many ways to get rich. By being rich you can't find many ways to get loved.

I am not a romantic fool that believes that money is not important and with love only by your side you can be forever happy. You can have the perfect person next to you but your relationship might be crashed by life's difficulties, such as money. I am just trying to state the potential that each of these two elements brings on a personal level.

It is like the physics behind the motion of a pendulum.

At the lowest point of the pendulum's movement the kinetic energy has reached its maximum point, but the maximum gravitational potential energy (acceleration) is minimum. That's how it is to have money is but not love.

At the highest point of the pendulum’s movement there is no kinetic energy, the pendulum stops. This might be affiliated with being poor or not having money. On the other hand the maximum gravitational potential energy though is maximised and that is what makes love so special. Potential. We might not know which speed we will be able to reach but our potential at that zero point in time, is maximum. If used correctly it can propel us to speeds that neither of us could reach by being alone.

Look for what you can achieve in your life and not the circumstances that shape where you are today.

I will finish with a quote from one of my favorite movies: Into the Wild which is a must see for everyone i believe.

Happiness is real only when it is shared.

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