There are only two kinds of people in this world

  • Those who know what they are not
  • Those who do not know what they are not

“Wait.. I know who I am!” Please… just… Ok?!

Your personality is just a thought powered by your belief

Your mind is just a tool (a great tool) to function in this existence. Nothing more than that. If you try to understand existence (yourself) using it… Well, it can not and will not give you the answer. Instead it will give you suffering which is a blessing. If this wasn’t like that you would not have a chance to wake up from this constructed “dream” by the people who are trying to give a meaning to life.

That is called enlightenment.

Enlightenment does not mean letting go of everything and start living in a cave meditating 24/7. It means recognising (not understanding) the truth (By the way, you are free to live in a cave. I’m not teaching you how to live your life, that’s none of my business).

Recognition of the truth may not feel pleasant in the beginning

Why? Allow me to explain;

You remember your childhood right? You were bursting with ecstasy. Everything was a source joy… until you started believing the constructed “dream” others told you about life (including your name) forcing you to become more and more identified with your body and mind over time. Today your constructed self does not know any other way to live, that’s all. It fears it’s going to disappear somehow… But I have great news for you, when you let go of your constructed self you will not disappear! Instead you will become yourself.

“But, how is that even possible?” said the constructed self.

Find out who you really are, and just be :)